I read the news " south ", and deeply love the book. The author of this book is Lin Haiyin, book talk about her childhood life.

  The story of the main story, the end of the 20"s, six year old Lin Yingzi lives in the south of Beijing in a small alley. Often set in the alley is a search for her " Crazy " woman su-jeong, Eiko make is the first friend. Su-jeong worked with a secret love of college students, college students after taken away by the police, su-jeong gave birth to a daughter Laurel was family into the city, unknown. Pities for her. Eiko know small partners girl who like laurel, discovered her neck after the green notes, quickly taking her to show. Su-jeong and discrete daughter of six years after meeting, immediately took girl to find father, mother and daughter died in the train wheel. After a move to new curtain alley eiko. Eiko and in the vicinity of the wild garden in a thick lips, young man. He in order to supply the brother school, had to steal things. Eiko thought he was very good, but it is not clear who are the good guys or bad guys. Soon, Eiko in wasteland and picked up a small Buddha, is the police detective found, with constables to grabbed the young man, the thing that Eiko very sad. Eiko at the age of nine, her mammy Song Mother"s husband Feng Daming to Lin. Eiko learned that Song Ma "s son two years ago, fell into the river and drowned, daughter was also her husband sold to others, felt very sad, don"t know why Song Ma left his children no matter, ministering to others. Later, Eiko "s father died because of lung. Song mom was also her husband went with the little donkey. Eiko with family by traveling carriage, with doubts to bid farewell to childhood.

  Everything in the book is that everything in good order and well arranged, the water slowly, slowly, slowly the caravan and crowd, slowly away time ... ... Scene,,,, feeling like a perfect combination, elegant and subtle poetry. It is through the protagonist Eiko childish eyes, to show the adult world grief at separation and joy in Union, can not say there is a naive, but as the world complex emotion.

  The ray of light sadness, that touch of heavy lovesickness, deeply imprinted on Eiko childish mind, never fade, also deeply touched me. The novel is filled with simple, warm feelings. See the " south of the news ", make my heart sweet warmth, because it is rarely seen such delicate things, she is not deliberately express what a scene, a scene depicting a child to take in old Beijing, just like living in their own. So neither too fast nor too slow, and Wen Houchun, as a pure stoic, MI Heng Long Xin, so full of life taste, but the heart has no fame.

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