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 in my 18 years of life, there have been many things. university days are the best part of them. i can never forget the days when i stepped into my university. i was impressed by its garden-like campus, its enthusiastic students and especially its learning atmosphere. i at once fell in love with it.

  after the arduous military training, i get absolutely absorbed in my studies. the classes given by the teachers are excellent. they provide us with information not only from our textbooks but from many other sources as well. they easily arouse my insatiable desire to take in as much as i can.   frankly speaking, at first i had some difficulty following the teachers. however, through my own efforts and thanks to my teachers" guidance, i made remarkable progress. now i"ve benefited a lot from lectures and many other academic reports.   learning is a long process; i"ll keep exploring in the treasure house of knowledge to enrich myself. this summer i got out of the ivory tower and entered the real world. a publishing house offered me a part-time job in compilation and revision.   at the beginning i was belittled by my colleagues. but they were really surprised when i translated seven english articles over 5,000 words on only one day. gradually, they began to look at me with respectful eyes. in their opinion i turned out to be a useful and trustworthy colleague.   i also realize that only those who bring happiness for others can be truly happy. so i often take part in activities concerning public welfare. i once went to a barren mountain village with my classmates. we taught the kids there who could not afford school. while showing them how broad and how civilized the outer world is, i was deeply touched by their eagerness to learn, their honesty and their purity. i couldn"t control my tears on the day when we left. the precious experience with the poor kids made me aware of the responsibility on the shoulders of us, future teachers.   besides study and social practice, there are entertainments as well. i do body building every day, hoping to keep healthy and energetic. we also write a play and put it on in our spare time.   campus life is the most splendid time. but different people have different choices. the majority of students cherish their beautiful season and cherish the hope that one day they"ll become outstanding. but there are indeed some students still under ignorance. they gather together for eating, drinking or playing cards. they"re busy in searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. they forget completely about their mission as college students and the hope of their motherland.   finally, i do hope everybody can try their best to become a worthy citizen of the country. i do hope everybody can become the backbone of our nation and make great contributions to society!   在我这18年的生命中,有着许多美好的经历,而大学生活则是其中最难忘的一段。我永远不会忘记刚刚跨进大学校园的那几天:花园一样的校园,热情活跃的学生,特别是那里的学习气氛,给我留下了深刻的印象。   经过了一段艰辛的军事训练后,我完全融入到了学习中。老师的讲课真是棒极了。他们传授给我们的不仅是课本上的知识,还包括其他各种各样的信息。我渴望获得尽可能多的知识,是老师激发起了我这个不能满足的欲望。   坦率地说,一开始我还不能跟上老师的讲课。但是,通过我自己的努力以及老师的指导,我取得了巨大的进步。我从老师的授课和其他许多学术报告中获益匪浅。   学习是个循序渐进、长期的过程,我会在知识的宝库中不断探索,丰富自我。今年暑假,我跨出象牙塔,进入并接触到了真正的社会。一个出版社给了我编辑和校对的兼职工作。   工作初期,同事们都礁不起我。但是,当我在一天之内翻译完7篇(总字数超过5000字)的英语文章后,他们真的是大吃一惊。渐渐地,他们开始用尊敬的眼光看待我。他们认为,我变成了一个有用并值得信赖的好同事。   我也同样意识到,只有那些为别人带来幸福的人才能真正的幸福。因而,我经常参加有关公众福利享业的活动。有一次,我和同学去了一个贫痔的山区村庄。在那里,我们教那些没钱上学的孩子。我向他们展示了一幅宽广、文明的外部世界的画面,但同时我也被那些孩子学习的渴望、他们的真诚和纯洁深深打动了。在我们离开的那一天,我那不争气的眼泪禁不住流了下来。这次珍贵的经历让我们这些未来的教师意识到了自己肩上的责任重大。   除了学习和社会实践,我还经常参加娱乐活动。我每天都锻炼身体,希望保持健康和充满活力。我们还在业余时间写剧本并排练演出。   园生活是最丰富多彩的。但是,不同的人有着不同的选择。大多数的学生珍惜他们的美好时光,并殷切希望将来能出类拔萃。可是,的确有学生无动于衷。他们聚在一起吃喝玩乐;他们忙于追求异性朋友;他们完全忘记了自己作为大学生的使命和祖国对他们的厚望。   最后,我希望每个人都能尽最大努力成为国家的有用人才。我也希望每个人都能成为我们民族的脊梁,为社会做出巨大的贡献!
in my 18 years of life, there have been many things university days are the best part of them i c演讲稿
尊敬的各位村民,各位朋友:大家好!首先 感谢大家对我三年来的工作给于的帮助和支持,表示衷心的感谢,今天大家在百忙之中,亲临会场听取我的竞职演讲,也是对我的关心,对我们xx村的关心。作为一名xx人大家演讲稿


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